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This city is a feeling

Berlin - a thousand words can't describe this unique city. Art and architecture, bars and business, clubs and cool, design, emotions, fashion, history - you name it. Berlin is more than a city, Berlin is a feeling. Berlin has what you were always looking for.

Berlin is pure life. Our international team lives and loves the city. We explore new restaurants and venues, we enjoy museums and exhibitions, we haunt the bars and clubs at night, we find the best brunch places. We do it for us - and you can profit from our knowledge.

Don't feel afraid to contact us - we want to get to know you!

Well aware of the tradition

The Bavarian capital lives by its tradition - beer gardens and folklore. On the other side of the coin, you find the modern city with its affluent inhabitants. Driving the latest sports car edition with a dirndl and lederhosen to the Oktoberfest is not a contradiction in Munich.

Bavarians taking pride in their independence, it is hard for outsiders to get accepted in this city. We know what counts, and we are well aware of the traditions. We also know the cool and the hip places, and we cheer for Bayern Munich's soccer team. We know where to find the tastiest sausage on Viktualienmarkt, and lead you to the hidden places in the pre-Alps. Join us for a refreshing beer in a mountain hut after a day of team-building.
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